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Russis’s Millennium Children

6. March 2020/by bergmann

On the Bridge of Death and Life

A film by Lola Jia LIU 97 + 52 min., HD Chinese with english subtitles or narration.
A co-production of Lichtfilm with ZDF  - Das kleine Fernsehspiel, funded by Film- and Medienstiftung. World premiere at IDFA at November 24th, 2016.

Every weekend, Chen Si makes his rounds on the Yangtze River Bridge in Nanjing to prevent suicide from jumping into death. In the past 10 years, he has saved more than 200 desperate people, most of whom come from the province in search of a better life.
15. July 2016/by bergmann

A Way Out

7. July 2016/by bergmann

The Magical Journey

Every time when the annual removal of bulky refuse is ahead, dozens of old Mercedes sprinters with Polish number plates cue in the streets of the villages around Mainz, Germany.
12. October 2015/by bergmann

Carola Neher – Reason of Death unknown (German version)

10. October 2015/by bergmann

Late Victims – Germans in Polisch Camps 1944-1950 (German version)

9. October 2015/by bergmann

Noble Breed – How to breed succesful horses (English version)

28. September 2015/by bergmann

Empire of dreams – The Bolshoi Ballet

28. September 2015/by bergmann

Decomposition of the soul (German version)

28. September 2015/by bergmann

Shadows over the future (German version)

10. September 2015/by bergmann

Oskar and Jack (Engslis subtitles)

10. September 2015/by bergmann

The Reich deployment – Slave Worker in the German Reich (German version)

10. September 2015/by bergmann

Hans Günter Winkler – Riding for Germany (Germanversion)

Hans Günter Winkler - the most successful show jumper in the world. Between 1956 and 1976, he won seven medals in six Olympics. The first detailed documentation about his private and sporting life.
12. May 2015/by bergmann

The Song of Life (English subtitles)

1. March 2012/by bergmann

Rubljovka – Street to Happiness (English version)

1. March 2007/by bergmann

No more killing (English subtitles)

1. March 2007/by bergmann

Loveletters from Ramstein (English subtitles)

1. March 2007/by bergmann

Vodka – National Product No.1 (english subtitles)

1. March 2004/by bergmann

Martins-Passion (English subtitles)

1. March 2003/by bergmann

A Chinese with a double bass (English subtitles)

10. September 2002/by bergmann

Russia’s Wonder Children (English subtitles)

1. March 2000/by bergmann

Secrets of Khomrej – Voices from Tuva (English subtitles)

1. March 2000/by bergmann