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On 11th of December there are two reasons for us to drink to Irene Langemann. The two films LIVERPOOL - Beat City and RUBLJOVKA - Road to Bliss will be shown this day.

beatles-day-in-liverpoolVorschaubildFirst run has ARTE showing LIVERPOOL - Beat City at 10.35pm . 

Liverpool tries to reinvent itself as "European Capital of Culture 2008". Hosting events like the concert of Paul McCartney, thousands of people came to see the city changing. But Irene Langemann is wandering besides crowded paths. She visits Liverpool based artists, who use the energy and power of the apsiring city. The most renowned band of Liverpool, "The Mersey Beatles", will guide us through   the vibrant and exciting city.

Accordingly follows RUBLJOVKA - Road to Bliss at 11.20pm on RBB. 

Often discussed and awarded, the film is a portrait of the new russian power elite. The film is fascinating and frightening the same time, but up-to-date as never before. A lot of the footage was shot with a hidden camera. After a long struggle the film finally was finished and very successful after theatrical release in 2007.

"fascinating portrait of the present Russian society." epd Film; "A courageous Cologne director has managed to create a gripping cinema documentary" Spiegel; "Unflattering, unaffected, done with high artistry." International Filmfest Munich; "A documentary jewel ...The filmmaker has made a road movie of quite a different kind, entertaining and staged with subtle humor." Viennale