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ganzetruppeWe are delighted about the huge success of the world premiere of RUBLYOVKA - ROAD TO BLISS in Munich. Already by Monday afternoon, the tickets of the MaxX3 cinema, which seats 240 people, were sold out. During the screening the audience, many of whom were Russian emigrants, reacted very vividly to the protagonists and their bizarre tales and enjoyed the authentic and sensitive portrayal of the characters depicted in the film. The screening was followed by a very emotional discussion. A Russian film critic described the film as one of the best of the festival. Others praised the cut, the sound track, the photography, the rhythm and the light-handedness of the film. We are therefore confident that the film once it will come into circuit in November, will find its audience. Coming soon to the distributor GMfilms. For anyone who'd like to find out more about the film, we refer to the informative "director's statement" in the press file (.pdf 1.2 MB). We were also pleased at how excellently the material filmed in HD translated on to the super size screen.