Lichtfilm left

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Tatiana Silva ausschniAfter six weeks of preparation only, the regular shooting started for this new road-movie through Europe. The European Community turns 50 years old on March 25, where in 1957 the "Treaty of Rome" was signed by the earliest member states. Artists from seven countries will present their hopes and visions. In 2004 Irene Langemann made another film for ARTE on this topic ICE AND ORANGES, a journey to the new EU members: from Tallinn to Krakow to Prague, Budapest, through Slowenia and to Malta. The film takes us to Sibiu, Nicosia, Mostar, Belfast, Kaliningrad, Antwerp and Tanger. Outside from the metropolises Irene Langemann, together with the camera operator Dieter Stürmer, are searching for bridges of hope and yearning.