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Tuva-thumbA documentary by Wolfgang Hamm, running time: 45 minutes

At the 'back of beyond', or to be precise, in the geographical center of Asia, between Seberia and Mongolia, lies the Republic of Tuva. For centuries, the country had been largely isolated from the outside world behind the mountain ranges surrounding it. We would know nothing about Tuva, if it were not for that strange kind of singing! The Tuvinians, who speak a Turcic language, elicit from their vocal chords overtone singing, called khomei after the Tuvinian word for throat, has delighted world music...

A TV-series by Wolfgang Bergmann, Martin Patek, Francisco Aguirre, Neilo Correale

9 x 45 minutes

1. Paris: Fast trains
2. London: Boarding for Paris
3. Leipzig: Waiting for the Future
4. Budapest: Empress, Stalin, McDonald
5. Prag-Wien: Stations of the Past
6. Istanbul: Stations of Desire


SPURENSUCHE-ThumbA documentary by Wolfgang Bergman, 45 minutes

A documentary by Wolfgang Bergmann Running time: 45 minutes In 1988, a small notice in the newspaper caught my attention: The only synagogue in Bavaria that was not destroyed or burned in the pogrom of 1938 is in Straubing, and inside was Torah that was saved by a citizen of Straubing....

A documentary by Wolfgang Bergmann, 45 minutes WDR

A documentary by Wolfgang Bergmann Running time: 45 minutes The film follows the chronicle of the life of Hans-Peter Dürr. Hans-Peter Dürr is the director of the Max Planck Institute for Physics and Astrophysics in Munich. He has annoyed and disappointed some of his academic colleagues because he has rejected the purity of basic research in favor of practically-oriented research into the ....

SCHATTEN-ThumbEin Dokumentarfilm von Wolfgang Bergmann,  92 minutes,
english subtitles

Three sides of a triangle - Israeli, Palestinian, and German - come together in this honest, personal, and unusual documentary. Anat is an Israeli doctoral student who lives in Germany. Her parents escaped from Germany in 1939 and now live in Haifa. Anat meets Fuad, a Palestinian playwright who was born in a refugee camp and now lives in Munich. The two go to Israel and the Occupied Territories and have emotional encounters with their respective families.

Price of the German Film Critic

REICHSEINSATZ-ThumbA documentary by Wolfgang Bergmann, Running time: 2 x 60 minutes

This film reveals an unfamiliar aspect of the history of Nazism: during World War II. eight million foreigners were forced to work in Germany - this amounted to 30% of the working population. The film shows, from the viewpoint of the culprits and victims, how the system of labour deployment developed ...

ERFUELLUNG-ThumbA documentary series by Wolfgang Bergmann
(Running time: 3 x 45 minutes)

When Hitler took power, thousands of German communists and antifascists fled to the Soviet Union, to the 'Fatherland of the Workers'. The tragedy of German communism is that the overwhelming majority of these German communists were killed or went missing during Stalin's 'purging'. Under Stalin's regime, more of the leadership cadre were killed than under Hitler's. This fact was covered up by German communists and the documents were held under lock and key. Stalin has been dead for almost 40 years...