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star himmel

A documentary by Kai Christiansen, 90 min., HD

The documentary film "Starfighter - A High-Tech Death" tells the story of the procurement of the most modern combat aircraft of the time and the mysterious crash and death of over 100 pilots. In the 60s, the West German Air Force had over 900 Starfighter supersonic fighter-bomber aircrafts of the model 104G in service ? to the initial jubilation of the pilots, for the speed and acceleration of the new fighter jets were exceptional. But the new technol.....

MONKEY- 175A film by Boris Rabin, 52 Min., HD

In the early period of the Soviet Union breathtaking experiments have taken place: Crossbreeding between man and ape; blood refreshment by transfer; fixing conditional reflexes to the genes; artificially inseminating women by sperms of genius men.


liverpoolA documentary by Irene Langemann Germany 2008; Running time: 60 minutes

Most people in Europe are familiar with Liverpool as the poor, former industrial city where The Beatles   began their international career. Today, the city not only enjoys the well earned reputation as a new and fabulous cultural center, but has even been chosen the European City of Culture for 2008. The Film is an appreciation on Liverpool and its fascinating cultural life.

stalking vorschauA documentary by Kai Christiansen Running time: 28 minutes

The film shows tactics and strategies to counteract stalking. In conjunction with one of ARTE’s topical evenings, Lichtfilm produced two documentaries on the subject of stalking: HOW TO DEAL WITH STALKING? and MURDER ON BREAK-UP - THE FUTILE STRUGGLE OF A VILLAGE In Germany nearly 12% of a..

rubljovkaA documentary by Irene Langemann Running time: 94 minutes

A electrifying insight in the Russian society of today Rublyovka Road is the traffic artery connecting the powerhouse Moscow with the Russian outback. At all times, the region bordering on Rublyovka has had a magnetic attraction for the ruling elite classes: Tsars, dictators, presidents. Of course, also present-day ...


HARM-U-CAPITOLAA film by Wolfgang Bergmann, 90 Min., HD,
German version only
Horseback riding has become one of the most popular sports in Europe and attracts millions of people. German horses dominate the international tourna- ments. At the Olympic Games in Hong Kong, 40% of the horses originally came from Germany and half of the show jumping horses from Holstein. This film looks into how Germany was able to become such a horse “superpower” and whether this position remains unchallenged. In doing so, the film also pursues some curious historical paradoxes. When the National Socialists overran and occupied Poland, for example, German equine specialists took over the nation’s state studs. Noble, half-breed horses for the military had traditionally been bred there using English and Arabian thoroughbreds, and the Germans learned from this.

ein-Film-von-ILA film by Irene Langemann, 2009, HD, 89 min

Since the end of World War II, American armed forces have been stationed in Ramstein in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. The fascination for the "American way of life" has not only cast a spell over many Germans there, but it has also left visible traces in the area. On the Ramstein Air Base, the largest US air base found on foreign soil, one even has the impression of being in "Little America". The military installation is s...

liverpoolLiverpool hat sich als “Europas Kulturhauotstadt 2008″ viel vorgenommen. Die einstige Industriestadt am River Mersey, die inzwischen die zweitwichtigste Kulturmetropole Grossbritanniens nach London ist, zelebriert ihr kulturelles Erbe und ihre moderne künstlerische...

no-more-killingEin Dokumentarfilm von Wolfgang Bergmann; 94m, 89 and 58 minutes

Non-lethal weapons were promoted and used to humanize social and political conflicts: in other words, to make sure no one dies during demonstrations and arrests. However, things did not went the way authorities wanted and soon te name had to be changed into “less-lethal” weapons because of too many ‘accidental’ deaths along the way. NO MORE KILLING looks at the utopia of “soft bullets”, non-lethal confrontation and peaceful conflict resolution.

BLUT und HONIGWhat happened to the dream of a Europe without frontiers? Where do old conflicts fester and new conflicts evolve? More than 14.000 kilometers Irene Langemann (MARTINS' PASSION, ICE AND ORANGES) travelled cross country through Europe with her crew. Her film BLOOD AND HONEY ...