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Since the beginning of the African states' independence from the colonial powers the rich countries have been dumping development funds on the Black Continent. During the past 50 years up to two trillion dollars have been transferred to Africa.
Focussing on three examples from Mali, Kenya and Tanzania the film demonstrates that development aid has had no effect. It is not a solution. Is it possibly the actual problem?
Development aid can cause dependence, corruption and passivity. It destroys the incentive to operate economically and combat poverty with own resources.
Development aid secures employment in the northern countries, and the banks make profits too. After all, development aid is not a gift, it is a business.
The film highlights the taboos of North-South relations and the African complex quoting statements from African experts, and it shows options for the African countries to develop towards a self-determined future.

A Lichtfilm co production with WDR and in cooperation with ARTE. Supported by Film- and Medienstidtung NRW, Filmfunding Hamburg, DFFF, MEDIA Development

Broadcasting premiere at ARTE: Tuesday, March 25th 2014