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Seele Leiste

A documentary by Nina Toussaint and Massimo Iannetta (Running time: 82 minutes)


"There are some who say: You can't change men by force. But they would say: don't be so sure. We know our trade and time is on our side." Jürgen Fuchs The central preventive prison for political prisoners of the Ministry for State Security (the STASI) at Berlin-Hohenschönhausen in the former East Germany was no ordinary detention centre. This building - which never featured on maps of East Berlin and which, today, still bears the marks of Germany's recent past (Nazism, the Soviet occupation and the communist dictatorship) - has the sinister distinction of possessing as many interrogation rooms as detention cells. Its topology and organisation betray its true function - a huge interrogation centre, a veritable laboratory of psychological destruction. It is a symbol of the ex-GDR's general system of repression: a place dedicated and devoted to the art of "operative decomposition". The arrest is of course part of the "procedural process". It may be limited to intimidation, or lead to an "investigation" with graver consequences: permanent preventative detention, repeated interrogations, total isolation, the semblance of a trial, heavy sentences, the impossibility of social and professional reinsertion, harm inflicted upon loved ones, stripping of nationality and expulsion from the country, incitement to suicide, or even thinly disguised murder. The film is an "imaginary" visit to the heart of the Stasis's former central preventive prison, where three witnesses intermingle and echo its topology of terror, and now absent torturers...

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