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Ein Dokumentarfilm von Wolfgang Bergmann [Laufzeit 94 (89 und 58) Minuten]


Non-lethal weapons were promoted and used to humanize social and political conflicts: in other words, to make sure no one dies during demonstrations and arrests. However, things did not went the way authorities wanted and soon te name had to be changed into “less-lethal” weapons because of too many ‘accidental’ deaths along the way. NO MORE KILLING looks at the utopia of “soft bullets”, non-lethal confrontation and peaceful conflict resolution.

After the end of the Cold War the world conjured up dreams about an era of peace. But violent conflicts caused by increasing divide between rich and poor and terrorism appeared on the scene. New and more precise weapons were developed to prevent collateral damages. The “magic bullet” like in “Star Trek” was to become reality. But are lasers and tasers, electro shock weapons, microwaves, hypersonic sound, nanoparticles, stinking gases, pepper spray, nets, nerve-blocking systems able to break the cycle of violence?

NO MORE KILLING introduces to us the masterminds behind and the critics of these weapons. Many of the proponents mean well, but don’t place conflicts and confrontations in their social and political context. The film shows shocking case studies in which the weapons have hurt innocent civilians or even killed them. Critics talk about a move backwards towards an escalation of violence. And criminals also using these new weapons, some of them can even be bought in supermarkets.

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