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Affe-im-Gehege-Suchumi 715

Ein Film von Boris Rabin, 52 Min.

A German-Russian Co production, with MDR and support of MDM

Everything seemed to be possible in this short time period, ending 1936 with mass murdering of so called opponents. The film lightens this period by archive footage, authentic places and with the words of specialists. After the victory of Bolshevist revolution breeding of "a new man" (in a broad sense – new mankind) became one of the main goals of a grandiose experiment, that was to be carried out at "one sixth part of the earth". The struggle for "a new man" had not only ideological reasons. Strange, as it may appear at the first sight, but its active development was stimulated by
disease and death of Bolshevist leader Vladimir Lenin.
Lenin's death became an alarming signal for his comrades.
The communist elite rushed to doctors' rooms requiring
to prolong their lives due to the newest medical discoveries. Different scientists were involved in the solution of this problem. An old Lenin's comrade and later his ideological opponent Alexander Bogdanov, physician, philosopher and science fiction writer was among them.
In 1924 Bogdanov began to experiment with blood transfusions on real humans. He often experimented on himself, and he kept track in his records of the improve- ments of his general condition, production capacities and appearance.

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