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A documentary by Irene Langemann Germany 2008; Running time: 60 minutes


Most people in Europe are familiar with Liverpool as the poor, former industrial city where The Beatles   began their international career. Today, the city not only enjoys the well earned reputation as a new and fabulous cultural center, but has even been chosen the European City of Culture for 2008. The Film is an appreciation on Liverpool and its fascinating cultural life. The city on the River Mersey is going to be celebrating the arts, its music, its cultural heritage and its diversity. The city fathers have promised an extensive and magnificient cultural programme "like on other yet experienced in the world". The film covers different varied and colorful events and performances: visitors have the choice of a rich spectrum of exhibitions, festivals and premiers in all art forms and genres ranging from public art, architecture, dance and fashion to film, literature, music and both street and stage theater. Many events have been conceived especially for younger people, like a celebration of the best of the Merseyside youth culture at the Halton Stadium. Pop Music is truly a aspect of Liverpool's cultural heritage. For, above all, pop music is The Beatles. The cult that surrounds the legendary band  is ubiquitous. The Beatles' legend and heritage are also one of the thematic aspects in the film. After The Beatles and its football clubs, Liverpool is renowned for its architecture. The film presents the magnificent waterfront with The Three Graces on its docks, the Anglican and Metropolitan Cathedrals, and the diversity of Liverpool streets. At the Albert Dock, a showcase of maritime songs present the nautical extravagance of Liverpool. The Arabic Arts Festival celebrated for two weeks at numerous locations. And, of course, at the same time the famous Liverpool "Mersey Beat" - that special style of pop music that the North English youths made so popular in the early sixties - can be experienced everywhere.