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Ein Film von Irene Langemann
Laufzeit: 78 Minuten


Their names are Seyran and Isabella, Jan, Ruzbeh and Gregor, they’re sometimes thoughtful and sometimes impetuous, sometimes exuberant and sometimes bitterly disappointed in the world. They’re aged between fourteen and sixteen, and many come from a variety of different cultures: from Russia, Iran, Turkey and from Germany. They are all members of a music class in the Humboldt High School in Cologne. It’s a particularly wide awake class, and they don’t bottle up their conflicts. Nor are they fearful of authority. And in the afternoons they plunge into their music, they rock and swing, they sing in choir, they pluck their guitar strings, hammer away at the keys and improvise on a variety of instruments. That’s the particular speciality of the musical stream at the Humboldt High School – to encourage the talents of highly-gifted young people without neglecting their basic education. And to show them how to develop their musical self-expression.