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Leiste dario Fo

A documentary by Bernhard Pfletschinger and Claus Bredenbrock (Running time: 45 minutes)


Between 1969 and 1984 more than 150 innocent men, women and children in Italy were killed as a result of bombing attacks on banks, trains, railway-lines and train stations. Almost 400 people were maimed and injured. In 1970 Dario Fò convinced from the very beginning that the explosions had been executed with the support of various state-agencies, wrote the play Accidental Death of an Anarchist about the true story of a Milan railway man, who, while being interrogated about the Piazza Fontana incident in 1969, 'fell' out of a window of the Milan police-headquarters. His death was later announced by the police as 'accidental'. Since that time Dario Fò, who turned 75 in March 2001, has been publicly denouncing the activities of numerous Italian governments covering up those massacres and preventing the authorities from finding the people behind the bombings. The film tells the story about the background of the bombing attacks in Italy in the 70's and 80's: Dario Fò, his wife Franca Rame and survivors of the attacks travel from Brescia to Milan, stopping at various locations of the bombing, ending their journey in Rome. They staged demonstrations in which they accused the Italian government to cover up the "Strategy of Tension" in post-war Italy. The film shows - for the first time - parts of the documentary "Dodici Dicembre" (The Twelfth of December) which was shot in 1970 in close cooperation with Pier Paolo Pasolini.

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