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A documentary by Wolfgang Bergmann (Running time: 2 x 60 minutes) Copyright 1993


This film reveals an unfamiliar aspect of the history of Nazism: during World War II. eight million foreigners were forced to work in Germany - this amounted to 30% of the working population. The film shows, from the viewpoint of the culprits and victims, how the system of labour deployment developed historically: the recruitment of volunteers, deportation, racist oppression, and slave labour. Hitherto unknown historical material was collected from archives of the European countries. The author contacted witnesses to the events living in eight European countries; some of them relate their experiences in the film. Forced labour in Germany - a historical phenomena that has been suppressed and forgotten to this day.
Without any direct topical allusions, roots of xenophobia are laid bare. supported by Filmstiftung NRW and the Filmförderung Hamburg and the Hessischen Filmförderung The German version of this film is available:
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