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Ein Dokumentarfilm von Irene Langemann (Laufzeit 92 Minuten)


What happened to the dream of a Europe without frontiers? Where do old conflicts fester and new conflicts evolve? More than 14.000 kilometers Irene Langemann (MARTINS' PASSION, ICE AND ORANGES) travelled cross country through Europe with her crew. Her film BLOOD AND HONEY is looking for the inner and outward frontiers of the visions of a united Europe.Outside the well-known metropolises the film strolls through ruptured places and cities, where limits dominate the daily life. While the people of Sibiu in Romania are enthusiasticly celebrating the joining of their country to the EC, young artists in Mostar feel as far from Europe like people from Africa. Their city makes feeling like "Blood and Honey", in which hidden barriers are splitting the Croatian and Bosnian part of Mostar. In the thrilled city of Belfast the peace process is progressing. But at what price? The "peace-lines" are nothing more than fences and walls, separating strictly the antagonized protestants and catholics. This is a bizarre contrast to the open borders between Ireland and Great Britain. Also in Nicosia, Kaliningrad, Antwerp and Tanger visible and unvisible frontiers dominate the life of the people. Musicians, artists and writers reflect in the film about their daily life. Some are successful and well established, other are at the beginning of their career. All together they work at interfaces where old conflicts are still visible. Mainly unpathetic and like a matter of course they are building bridges to bring forward a better life for the people in Europe.

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