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A TV-series by Wolfgang Bergmann, Martin Patek, Francisco Aguirre, Neilo Correale

Runing times 9 x 30 Minuten


1. Paris: Fast trains
2. London: Boarding for Paris
3. Leipzig: Waiting for the Future
4. Budapest: Empress, Stalin, McDonald
5. Prag-Wien: Stations of the Past
6. Istanbul: Stations of Desire
7. Madrid: Atocha and Pricpe Pio
8. St. Petersburg
9. Mailand – Stazione Centrale
Documentaries should deal in both history and story telling. This film series concentrates on railway stations for the connecting lines throughout classic Europe. While Western Europe is coming together, the film series opens the spectator’s mind to the whole of Europe through the selection of railway stations. Railway stations used to be the subject for high level politics; historical archives will rekindle this theme. Official guests were welcome there, soldiers gathered to leave for the front and returned from hospitals or from captivity. The films are synthesize information on architecture technology and political events, they are also recall amusing and awesome events in everyday life.

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