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3er qionmg Zheng

The film has been invited to the young and passionate Croatian documentary film festival. The festival opened first time in 2005 and is the biggest in documentary festival in East Europe. It’s his aim to promote documentary film with artistic approach to the local population.“It was the first time for me to show my film in Croatia.

The Beijing based festival organizer (iDOCS) film producer and filmmaker has been invited to show her new film A Way Out. She wrote the following comment:

"I was a little bit nervous if the audience could understand a so-called Chinese story, which is far away from this beautiful country. The screening was in a hall with more than 200 seats at March 2nd. It surprised me when the screening started, the theatre was almost full of people. And nobody left from the beginning to the end. After the screening, there was a Q&A section for half an hour. The young audience asked me very good questions. The discussion continued in the lobby later; two women caught me and asked more questions about the protagonist in my film. They appreciated the film offering them a deep understanding on China and humanity. I am very grateful for their feedback and Zagreb Dox gave me a great experience and let me have more courage to continue in my filmmaking career.”

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