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The two auditoriums of the Oktyabr cinema were sold out, so a third was opened. Even then, the only seats available for some of the audience were the steps. The audience responded with enthusiasm, reacting to the points made with amazement and laughter. Some scenes were applauded, and the direction of the film was praised following the screening.
Selected audience reactions:
Director Dmitri Tarkhanow: "The opening film was like a breath of fresh air."
Jury president and well-known screenwriter Alexander Gelman: "Great cinema with a strong, visual execution."
During the podium discussion, a former functionary of the Ministry of Culture stated that film should definitely be broadcast on Russian television, as it cast light upon so many concealed facets of contemporary Russia.
ireneManskiTanya web kopieArtist Elena Bolotskikh: "We all know about the crimes of the FSB, formerly KGB, but Pavlensky's action and the statement that it is a 'terrorist organisation' leads us today above all to an alarming realisation."
Artist Sergej Maljutin: "The film has totally changed my opinion about Pavlensky. His thinking and art actions are exceptional. The film also does an impressive job of revealing the absurdities of the Russian justice system."
Art expert Patricia Donegan: "The film is an excellent document of the times."