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 ARTE broadcasts "Noble Breed" as part of a topical evening at the 25th of Ocotober at 21.40. 89 minutes, HD. Funded by the Filmstiftung NRW, the Polish Film Insistitute and the German-Polish Foundation for Cooperation. The film is co-produced by WDR, commissioned by Dr. Sabine Rollberg from ARTE and by Krzysztof Kopczynski from Eureka Media.

Clemens Freiher von Nagel m

The film relates to the outstanding role of the German breeder Clemens Freiherr von Nagel, here together with his famed Anglo-Arab Ramzes

This time Wolfgang Bergmann (producer, author and director) produces a film linked to the love of his youth: horse riding. In the 50th it was common to use heavy warmblood horses. Today Germany is the most successful nation in breeding high performance "noble" horses. The film tries to disclose this secret and reveals astonishing stories: Equestrians and breeders from National Socialist times built the background for those „revolutionary“ changes. Even „foreign and noble“ horses from Poland and Hungary, from Central Asia, Arabia and Great Britain were to leverage for the German rise in Horse Breeding. If you want to join the preview of the film, organized by WDR/ARTE, come to the beautiful city Warendorf, the capital of German sport horses. Monday the 19th of October at 19.30 to Scala & Studio Filmtheatre, Klosterstraße 5, 8231 Warendorf. After the film  a discussion will take place with the horse breeders and riders. Some characters of the film will be present. So far Gabriele Pochhammer, Inge Theodorescu and Margo van den Hoogen.