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Herr Zhang nachts 180xA film by Lola Jia LIU, 97 + 52 min., HD Chinese with english subtitles or narration.
A co-production of Lichtfilm with ZDF  - Das kleine Fernsehspiel, funded by Film- and Medienstiftung. World premiere at IDFA at November 24th, 2016.
First broadcast by ZDF - Kleines Fernsehspiel at March 3rd, 2017.

Every weekend, Chen Si makes his rounds on the Yangtze River Bridge in Nanjing to prevent suicide from jumping into death. In the past 10 years, he has saved more than 200 desperate people, most of whom come from the province in search of a better life.

Between War and Peace - Life Near the Front in Eastern Ukraine

Julia screenshot kopieA film by Irene Langemann

The bloody fighting in eastern Ukraine may seem to have subsided, but the conflict continues. This film meets people from the city of Dnipropetrovsk, which is just 200 kilometers from the war zone.


A film by Irene Langemann, HD, 89/56 min.
A Lichtfilm co-production with SWR, WDR in cooperation with ARTE.
Funded by Film- and Medienstiftung NRW

While he was studying at the conservatory, German composer Bernhard König became fascinated with the "wrinkled and grumbly voices" of the elderly. From that moment on, he decided to dedicate himself to finding an environment in which those voices could be fully appreciated.

World Sale by Journeyman Pictures

First broadcast of the 52 minute version at ARTE: Sunday, 30.03. 2014,  23:07

08 Bazar Schoenheitssalon 175px

A film by Sudabeh Mortezai, 84 Minuten, HD

A lonesome middle-aged bachelor, a divorced single mother, and a jovial young mullah are the protagonists of this intimate account of gender relations in Iran. Their stories revolve around the institution of temporary marriage, also called lust- marriage, a Shia practice that allows a man and a woman to legally marry for a fixed period of time ranging from one hour to 99 years. Religiously sanctified prostitution or a loophole for couples to have a relationship within the rigid Islamic laws? Religious dogma meets macho sentimentality meets female realities. A relentlessly honest, eye-opening, and sometimes funny account of Islamic sexual and gender politics.

Rerun of the 52 min version at ARTE in April 11th, 2014 at 22:55 pm

A film by Irene Langemann, 92 Minuten, HD, Stereo und 5.1

At the age of eighteen, Irina Tschistjakowa can already look back at a ten-year international career of concerts. Irina was the youngest of the four protagonists in the documentary film Russia's Wonder Children, which celebrated its original premiere at the Berlinale 2000. Ten years later, the young geniuses of yesteryear are now competitors in the tough field of music. They now experience the tragedy that befalls many child prodigies: while they were


3er 140x

A film by Qiong Zheng, 94 min., HD english subtitles. A co-produktion Zero Media and Lichtfilm

A way out is a documentary film about three Chinese teenagers who have different family backgrounds,financial conditions and living environment striving to find their future under the same education system. The three subjects, one from Beijing, a metropolis; one from Xianning, a small town of Hubei Province in the middle of China; and one from Huining--a small village in the remote mountains in Gansu Province, the most poverty-stricken area of China, handled their crucial decisions of their life in their own way, which results in different fates. The film traces their dreams, expectations, fears and hopes when they start their new journeys, and tries to explore the life of three young people looking to find their way, their worth and their world in traditional China’s newly emergent modern society where success is the only thing that counts. (Trailer next page)

Kasper König mit KaitänsmütA film by Irene Langemann, HD, 52 Min.
When Kasper König, one of the most important personalities of the art world, was announced curator of the 10th Manifesta, the response of the international art world was as huge as the initial surprise – for this time around, in 2014, the "European Biennial of Contemporary Art", which was founded twenty years ago in Amsterdam, is being held in Eastern Europe for the first time: in St. Petersburg, a location rich in history and symbolism.

Im-Dorf-Muhenda 175pxbr

A film by Peter Heller, 89/52 min, HD
500 billion US dollars in a half-century — and no end to the aid is in sight. Countries with highest value of aid belong to the poorest now.
An increasing number of African economic experts criticise this flood of aid.
Our documentary film project follows the voices of protest in Africa.
The World Sale is done by Journeyman Pictures


 A film by Katja Schupp and Hartmut Seifert, 90/60 min., HD
Every time when the annual removal of bulky refuse is just a couple of days ahead, dozens of old Mercedes sprinters cue in the narrow, tiny streets of the villages around Mainz, Germany, block traffic, while their drivers jump out and skim through the piles of garbage to find whatever can be used or sold again way back h

star himmel

A documentary by Kai Christiansen, 90 min., HD

The documentary film "Starfighter - A High-Tech Death" tells the story of the procurement of the most modern combat aircraft of the time and the mysterious crash and death of over 100 pilots. In the 60s, the West German Air Force had over 900 Starfighter supersonic fighter-bomber aircrafts of the model 104G in service ? to the initial jubilation of the pilots, for the speed and acceleration of the new fighter jets were exceptional. But the new technol.....